Rabindranath Tagore Biography, Wiki, Bio, DOB, Death, Photos

Rabindranath Tagore Biography, Wiki, Bio, DOB, Death, Photos

Immortal singer 'Kavindar' of human nature Rabindranath Tagore Rambindranath Tagore promoted the pride of the country by honoring Indian literature on the international stage. If Rabindranath was not the only poet of Bengal, then he had a unique talent in the field of excellent musicians, storytellers, dramatists, philosophers, commentators, actors, painters, and all these areas.

Full name - Rabindranath Devendranath Tagore
Birth - 7 May 1861
Birthplace - Kolkata
Father - devendranath
Mother - Sharda Devi
Education - For his studies, his father got a teacher from Rabababu by keeping a teacher at home. At this time, he learned about Bengali, Sanskrit, English and language and mathematics, history and geography.
Wife - Mrinalini

Rabindranath Tagore

In 1876 Rabindranath published his first poem 'Onefold' in 'Gyanankur' monthly. In 1878, he went to England. Some of his studies at Bryton School in London and University College. But he did not return any degree and returned in 1880. All his studies are self-taught.

In 1881 he wrote the first musical drama 'Valmiki Pratibha'. As soon as 'Sadhana' 'Bharti' and 'Wangdarshan' edited these magazines.

In 1901, 'Bolpur' near Calcutta established this institution 'Shantiniketan' here. The pair of Shantiniketan established the purpose of 'Village' Shri Rabindranath by putting the aim of the villagers in front of the eyes and established 'Sriniketan'.

Rabindranath went to England in 1912 He translated Bengali poetry in Gitanjali into English. Best poet W. B. Yats, he liked that translation so much that he wrote the introduction of that collection and published an English copy of the poetry collection.

In 1913, Dr. Alfred Nobel Foundation awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, entitled 'Gitanjali' for Rabindranath Tagore. Nobel Prize was awarded to Rabindranath, therefore, the glory of the whole world.

Soon, 'Gitanjali' was translated into various foreign languages ​​and Indian languages. The main theme of the poems of Gitanjali is expressed by Lord Ravana in very gentle words and by Abhinav Method, Rabindranath has expressed it.

Seeing the work of different areas of Rabindranath, the British government gave him the title of 'Sir', in 1915. But Rabindranath was not grateful to the British Government by this title. Rabindranath, who was angry when the English government opened fire at thousands of innocent Indians in Jalianwala Bagh in Punjab in 1919, left the title of 'Sir'.

In 1921, Rabindranath founded the university of 'Visvabharati'. Visva-Bharati brought many new concepts in the education sector and worked to give new direction to the education system.

In 1930, Rabindranath wanted to learn drawing in the age of 70 years. He took 3,000 draws in 10 years.

Rabindranath Tagore - Books

post office
The Gardner
The Golden Boat Addicted

Rabindranath Tagore Award

Found in 1913 the Nobel Prize for Literature.
From the University of Calcutta 'd. Lit 'got the title.
He was given the doctorate degree from Oxford University.

Rabindranath Tagore - Characteristics

Jana Gana Mana Producer of this national song.
First Indian to receive Nobel Prize

Death: He died on August 7, 1941.

Rabindranath Tagore - Photos

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