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Name – Shahrukh Khan
Father’s Name – Taj Mohammed Khan
Date of Birth – 2 November 1965
Place of Birth – Delhi, India
Age – 53 Year (2019)
Height – 5ft” 8inch
Weight – 75Kg


Father – Taj Mohammed Khan
Mother – Latifah, Fatima
Son & Daughter – Aryan, Abraham and Suhana Khan
Brother – Arbaaz Khan & Sohail Khan
Sister – Shahnaj Khan
Wife – Gauri Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan Biography

Shahrukh Khan is a superstar of Indian Hindi cinema, his stature in Bollywood is quite big. Shahrukh Khan is an Indian film actor, producer, television actor and a philanthropist. They have many names that call their loved ones, someone they call Bollywood Rajshahi, then some SRK and King Khan etc. Shahrukh Khan has contributed a lot to the Indian film industry.

King Khan has won 14 Filmfare Awards. Dilip Kumar and Shahrukh Khan are two people in Bollywood who have won the title of Best Actor 8-8 times. In recognition of his contribution to Hindi cinema, the Padma Shri Award was also awarded by the Indian Government in 2005. Shahrukh Khan started his career through color forums and dramas and several television serial programs.

Shahrukh is the richest person of Indian Hindi cinema and Shahrukh Khan's venerable bungalow is also the biggest. Not only in the country but abroad too there are many who want them. His height is so great that he has a wax statue of Madam Tussaud in London.

Shahrukh Khan's Acting Career Overview

Shahrukh Khan started his career with color forums and television. In his childhood, Shahrukh Khan used to become the character of Hanuman in Ramlila. Shahrukh did a serial in Doordarshan in 1988. Whose name was "Fauji". Khan played the role of a commando in this serial. Khan came to Mumbai from Delhi in 1991. From Bollywood's first acting Deewana film, which succeeded

Shahrukh Khan received the Filmfare Award for the film. After this, he set the lines of films. Filmfare Dram, My Mammasahb, Bajigar, Kabhi Yeah Kabhi Naa, in Anjam, Khan was awarded the Filmfare Award for playing a villain's role. After that, Aditya Chopra's film "Dilhe Dulhniya Le Jaayenge", which came in 1995, proved to be a super hit, the film made many records. He received the Filmfare Awards for his successful acting.

In 1998, director Karan Johar's film is a few, the hit movie proved. Khan also received the Best Actor Award in this film. In 2001, Shah Rukh Khan worked with Karan Johar. Ever Happy - Gum, who was a family movie. Then later Ashoka, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas film, Khan also got the title of Best Actor for this movie.

Awards and Nominations

Year, Film Name, Filmfare Award Best Actor
2001, My name is Khan, Best Actor
2007, Chak De India, Best Actor
2005, Swadesh, Best Actor
2003, Devdas, Best Actor
1999, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Best Actor
1998, Dil To Pagal Hai, Best Actor
1996, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Best Actor
1994, Bazigar Best Actor

Shahrukh Khan Best films

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