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Not only Bollywood, but also the first credit of taking a big change in Indian music, and the first credit for taking the music to the whole world, whose songs are born on the songs of the young generation, we will know some of them today. Hideo Singh is commonly known by his stage name Yo Yo Honey Singh - Yo Yo Honey Singh or Honey Singh, is an Indian rapper, music producer, singer and film actor. He used to record his songs first and after doing so he became a bhangra music producer. He has also produced music for Bollywood films and today he is one of Bollywood's most expensive music producers.

Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh Biography

Honey Singh was born on March 15, 1983, in a Sikh family in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. His birth name is Himes Singh. He taught music from Trinity School of the United Kingdom. Later his family went to Delhi to live. And later, his career started in India.

It is said that Honey Singh likes singing in Hindi as well as in his local language rather than Hindi and English. Their Punjabi album, International Villager, was released on November 11, 2011. The song is also included in the Asian Top Music Charts.

He has also performed at Bahut from the college festival, which includes the Ansal Institute of Technology and Ramdas College, Delhi.
Honey Singh and Diljeet Dosanjh's song, Luck 28 Kudi da, made BCC Asian's No. 1 song in May 2011. This song was released as the promotional track of Diljeet Dosanjh's film Lion of Punjab.

Honey Singh received an ETC award for Best Sound for his song Glassey in 2006 and for Rebirth, he got the PTC Best Folk Pop Award in 2009 and in 2011 PTC Best Music Director was also honored.

It is said that for the Bollywood movie Cocktail and Mastan they took the highest fee of 7 million rupees in 2012. With Sonakshi Sinha, her song "Desi Artist" Internet was widely liked.

In the 2012 trending video, Singh is on top. In 2012's Top 10 Trending Videos, he got 2 places in Youtube His song Brown's color remained on top of that year and the High Hills remained in fourth place.

Honey Singh

Personal Life

Honey Singh has married Shalini Talwar, whom he brought to the television show India Raw Star in front of the audience.
After that, in 2014, Singh Music had disappeared from Sin, but many times in the same year he did a lot less but most of them did not come to the media. In March 2016, he returned after a long break, due to any illness, he had to stay away from that music.

Interesting Facts About Yo Yo Honey Singh

  1. Honey Singh received "Yo Yo" slag with his African-American friends, which means "yours". That's why their name gives them their special identity "Your Own Honey".
  2. In 2012, he got 2 positions in Youtube's Top 10 Trending Videos. His song Brown was on the first rung and the High Hills was in fourth place.
  3. Yo has worked in Punjabi films such as Mirza and Ma Tera 22 Tum Ba 22. In 2014, he debuted in Bollywood, his first film is The Expos. After being unsuccessful in its debut film, Honey Singh came back in the middle of the movie in Punjab in 2015, and he added the movie.
  4. Yo Yo Honey Singh his song "Brown Color" by spending $ 100,000 in Dubai.
  5. In 2006, Honey Singh became number one in the BCC World Chart.
  6. Singh's album "International Villagers" became the highest grossing Punjabi album of all time.
  7. For Sunil Bohra's film, Mastan, "I Neet Pila De Sajna", he took Rs 70 lakhs and since then he became the most expensive singer in Bollywood history. To date, no Bollywood artist has given so much money for a song.
  8. Honey Singh's real name is Hinder Singh.
  9. Yo Yo had taught DJing from DJ Huge and found second place in "War of DJ".
  10. Yo's International Villager was included in the album's "Gabru" track top Asian Music charts.
  11. Honey Singh is a very big cricket fan and he likes to drive.
Yo Yo Honey Singh Biography

Honey Singh's career in Bollywood

Today Honey Singh is one of India's most famous rapper. He sang for his first song in the film 'Shakal Pe Mata Jaa'. Honey Singh sang his second song 'Mastan' for which he was given a huge amount of Rs 7 million. Apart from this, Honey Singh's name was the highest fame in Bollywood when he sang "Luni Dance" in Shahrukh Khan's movie "Chennai Express". Apart from this, Honey Singh has also given hits too many Bollywood films such as Bhoothnath Returns, Bajai Raho etc.

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